Creative. On time. On budget. (Guaranteed.)


One of the greatest challenge business leaders face today is how to stay competitive in the face of constant disruption in an over-saturated marketplace.

At KYSO, we’re used to addressing these kinds of challenges. Our solution? We stick to the budget and deliver on time. Because we’re nimble, and we’ve worked out a process that assesses and reacts to your kind of challenges with greater agility and creativity than ever before.

Our ‘design without ego’ process is win-win for you – particularly when it comes to producing your brochures, magazines or annual reports.



On-Time guarantee:

We work faster and deliver more efficiently than any studio within a 2991 km radius :)
If you excel at something, you do it better and faster than anyone else. 
Value: That’s why we offer a 100% on-time delivery guarantee.
Never a late deadline (ever). 
If we miss our agreed schedule, we give you 50% off your print bill. 

Capped price guarantee:

No more migraines at the end of a project. 

We take full responsibility. (i.e. we take the project off your shoulders and onto our shoulders.) 
Value: So we offer 100% on-budget guarantee. That’s a capped-price guarantee.
Never any surprise costs at the end of your project. We can quote you a fixed-page rate: it will include design, artwork + two sets of client corrections.


OK. Does this sound like you?

1) You have an idea of what you want. Just no idea about how to make it happen.

Excellent. We'll work side by side until you get a sense of what we’re going to do together.
Value: That means you’re more involved. Decisions are easy to make, and we keep that ball moving forward on your project so we meet your deadline and budget.



Or does this sound like you?

2) You need to get a big idea out of your head, onto the page and out into the world.
Think business cards, annual reports, magazines and brochures. Whatever is needed. Easy.
Value: OK. We'll distil concepts for you. So we’re all on the same page (right from the start.) No surprises. We’ll walk you through the concepts before we get in too deep. What’s more, because we design without ego, it means we like working side by side with you.

Or does this sound familiar?

3) Your current designer is making your life too hard. 
Value: Leave it to us to make it happen. Easier than you could possibly imagine. 
We excel at stepping in and turning things around (for the better). What’s more, we’re great at extracting a clear brief from you. Over the phone or in person, no problem. Because we’re the visual interpreter on the job. Leave it to us to make it happen. EASY.




So what’s that’s all about?

Yup. We’re confident because we work fast and efficiently 24/7. That’s exactly why we offer guarantees. 
Because we make things happen fast. We’re good at accelerating business in today’s economy. And we do work that knocks the socks off our clients.  What’s more, we like taking you by surprise and finding new ways to come in under budget or over deliver. That’s what we stand for.

Why does it matter to us? 

Because we understand human dynamics, what people want and what makes them tick.
We want to make their work easier and less complex. And one of the best things we do? 
We have the ability to make sense of complexities. Breaking them down and solving problems. 
It’s what we do best. And we have fun doing it.


At KYSO, we are honoured and inspired to be making a difference for our clients in today’s economy.
We’re a group of smart collaborators. We create, produce and publish work with a different mindfulness and mindset.  We know it’s good stuff we’re doing. And we want to do good stuff for you.

OUR Manifesto

1) Capped-Price Guarantee.
2) On-Time Guarantee.
3) Collaborative Design thinking.